Friday, May 22, 2009

The Opposite of Underwhelmed

I can’t believe that in three short months we will be moving to London. Last night I was trying to picture our looming living situation and could not quite wrap my brain around it. It still feels like a fairy tale or someone else’s life. I think part of the reason is there is so much to do in the meantime. It isn’t so much that I am overwhelmed by the packing or the planning, but my desire to be fully present for all the exciting events in between.

Tomorrow we will drive to Houston for the weekend to see “the original” Beth (Trey’s beautiful older sister) graduate from Law School. In June we return to Houston for Trey’s little brother Sam’s wedding to “his” Beth. In July, Trey has a family reunion in Dallas (by the way we plan to drop off our belongings in Houston via U-Haul two days before that.) From there we will attempt to embark on a roughly 1,400 mile road trip. We want to see Trey’s family members who are unable to travel and our friends in Dallas and Oklahoma. We don’t know when our next opportunity will be plus Trey and I will both miss our 5 year college reunions during our time in London. It would be our first official vacation with no ceremonial obligation in our 5 year marriage.

I have been surprised to find that the details have not been the source of concern finding instead the sheer bombardment of experiences has stopped me in my tracks. (Not to mention the Lord seems to be so thoroughly taking care of the details he isn’t leaving me much to do; more on his provision soon.) Things including facing the decrease in contact with our families; the loss of the dog who has become more person to me than animal, the simple comfort of being surrounded by my own blanket, sitting on my own couch or eating off my own china leaves me wondering what is the Lord preparing us for?