Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Official!

Yesterday we received our Visas in the mail! After the paperwork was done (which took Trey days) it was actually a quick turnaround even for our area. From when we sent off the paper work we had them back in about two weeks. Trey got a visa when he went to Kenya last summer but I had never had one before. It was basically just an intricate stamp on a random page of our passport. From what I understand it is good for the four years that Trey will be in school and then up to three additional years if he is doing academic work in the country. I can't imagine we would stay in London for 7 years but I guess you never know. I would imagine our families would kill us.

We also had our plane tickets booked. We are flying from Houston to Georgia the morning of August 24, 2009 to meet the students and then flying overnight to London. We will land the morning of August 25, 2009 which, fortunately, is the date my visa allows me in the country. For whatever reason, Trey is allowed in the day before. It will be a long day of flying I wish we were able to just hop on the direct flight in Houston.

Our house looks like a disaster area. There are boxes everywhere and we are a little overwhelmed by separating out what is going to charity, what is going to garage sale, what is staying at various volunteer’s homes but at least little by little there is less out of boxes and more in them. We also have managed to bring home a trunk load of stuff things we’re keeping on both trips. Several boxes of books and all my china have made it safely to Houston for storage in our gracious parents’ homes. We have two packing weekends left then a restful trip to the beach then we hit the road! So excited!!!