Monday, September 27, 2010

To: Daddy *** From: Ellie and Tate

Daddy, We miss you and things aren't the same with you gone.

Ellie: You live in the computer and that's fine but I would really like someone to tell me how to get in there with you.  I love talking to you and I get really excited whenever Mom talks about you. 

This is the face I make when Mommy talks about you.  If the computer is in view when she is talking about you, I look at it and do whatever I can to get over there so I can talk to you.


Oh, and Daddy.  Could you please talk to Mom about the ruffles, dresses and bows?  Seriously, I'm crawling now.  All that stuff gets in the way.

From Tate:  Dad, please come back.  Ellie thinks you live in the computer and it is really annoying.  She gets all excited when she sees you instead of crying to tell you to come back and play with us.  I know I can just see you but you aren't really there and when we talk it reminds me of how much fun we have together. 

Do you remember this look?  I make it when you blow on my face.

I get really happy when we talk about you.

This is how I sleep now.  I try to stay awake by sitting, cause I can do that now all by myself, and when I get tired enough I just lay down face forward.

Sometimes it is a problem because my foot falls asleep and turns all red and I wake up screaming.

We love you Daddy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Play Time

We have been having so much fun watching Tate and Ellie get more interactive not only with each other but with Toys also.  It is amazing to us how strong they are getting so quickley.