Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking a Little Break...

I need a few days off from the class so I am taking a little break while I get the babies off bottles and while I'm sick. Here is a little tidbit from tonight though.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tate Stood Up and Took His First Steps!

Please ignore the screaming.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I Love To Hate

Capturing something that I “love to hate” was really difficult for me.  I wish I could say it was because I just can’t see the bad in anyone but, truth be told, I tend to think that I love the people in my life despite whatever they do that happens to drive me up the wall.  My feeling is that it is not their fault I have an inclination towards a certain set of social rules or guidelines so I just try to ignore it or work on a compromise. Now that it is finished, I appreciate that this exercise turned the tables on me and made me find the good in something I usually despise.

Here is Tate systematically droppin Cheerios off of his tray onto the floor.  Eat one, drop one, eat one, drop one.

Very regularly, everyone has to change clothes after meal time.  (Sidenote: as previously mentioned, we don't have a dryer.)

I absolutely HATE meal times with our kids right now.  It is so messy.  SO MESSY.  I can't stand it.  I love having my house perfectly clean.  I had accepted this would not be the case while my kids were young, however, I find sticky stuff on the walls and I find green beans on the floor when I haven't served them in three days and I just can't stand it, I CAN'T STAND IT.  (Please no comments about how it is only going to get worse.  The Lord gives us what we can handle and you don't have the right to override his authority on this one.)  Despite the skin crawling feeling I now get at the dinner table, I do love that my children are becoming more self sufficient and I marvel at the fact that one year ago I had to hold their neck but now they can hold their own cup… even if they do usually throw it across the room.

This is one of my husband’s drawers.  He just cleaned it out because I asked him to about a week ago.  As previously mentioned, I like things tidy.  I cannot stand disorganization in my home.  (I don’t care about your house; if I come over and it is a wreck I do not judge just don’t ask me to help you find your keys.  If you ask me to help you organize I will probably get really excited and jump up and down but that is just because I am a crazy person that thinks throwing stuff away is fun.)  My husband is probably the most disorganized person I know.  I find it really frustrating because his mind is so organized whereas I find myself scattered a lot and I can’t understand why such an organized mind can’t translate organized thoughts to an organized storage closet.  I have never really fought Trey on the drawer thing and the reason is: the day of my father’s funeral I went home to my mom’s house and systematically opened every drawer that belonged to my father taking a mental picture of each one.  They were totally disorganized and contained every scrap of paper, gum wrapper or free t-shirt my mother hadn’t been able to trash before he stashed it away.  I loved those drawers.  I saw my father in them.  To this day, when I look in Trey’s drawers I remember my Daddy and I love that Trey unknowingly gives me that reminder.

The Park!!!

Today we went to the park for the first time.  We have been meaning to go for a while but between finding a day that was realistic to take the babies into the wild and a day Trey was home was a logistical nightmare.  Tate is still crawling so I defiantly need a second adult when I go but also, Trey really wanted to be there for the first time the babies explored the magical park.­­­ 

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Love What You Wear

The focus for today in my photo class is "what they wear."

When Trey puts on his jacket and hat the babies know he is about to leave.  They run over and hug him.  So sweet!

There above the burp cloths are the clothes I have laid out for Tate and Ellie tomorrow.  Trey gets them ready in the morning but if I don't pick out their clothes I don't get to complain if they are wearing, say, a brown top, grey shoes and blue socks.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To You

I really think the babies had a fantastic day.  Trey and I played on the floor with them all morning.  When they went down for a nap I ran to High Street Kensington to pick up some cupcakes and got home before they woke up.  We scrounged up some lunch and then shot the videos below.  We then got them dressed and swept them off to a big indoor play area where instead of drinking coffee with the adults, we rolled around and played.  Frankly, I think we had a better time than any of the other parents there.  They had bottles on the (stroller) ride home then another nap.  They were pooped.  I made dinner and when they woke up we ate and opened gifts.  They played until bed time and seemed thoroughly pleased.  I am now pooped and am about to retire for the evening.  Can’t wait for my Mom’s upcoming visit, we may just have to have a birthday rerun. 

Oh How My Love Has Grown... and so Have You!

The inspiration for the day is then and now. I plopped myself in today's picture for growth comparison and symmetry. :-) Today happens to be the first birthday of my favorite kids so I think it is only appropriate that I focus on them. Now, technically I didn't shoot this picture but I did style it, set the camera, position myself, the babies and my husband and tell him when to take it so I think I still get credit because really he just pushed the button right?

Then: Tate and Ellie at 6 Weeks

Now: Tate and Ellie at One Year

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Love How You Look

Today's assignment in the free eClass I'm taking was to find that shot that captures who your loved ones are.  You can find out more here and sign up if you're interested.

I don't know if you can capture "Trey" without something to read in his hands.

Yesterday I caught Tate sad but he is the most fun when he's happy.

Ellie was pensive today and kind of off in her own world.  Maybe she was reflecting on the last year.

Just a side note...

these are the last pictures you'll see of Tate and Ellie in their first year of life.
They turn 1 tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love What I Do

I am taking the free photography eClass offered by hosted by Willette Designs called The Joy of Love.  (Sign up and take it with me, it will be so much fun and it is not too late!)  The inspiration for today was to catch someone you love doing something they do and the focus on the lesson was on light.  Here are the results of my day looking for the people I love doing their thing.


loves to bathe the babies every night.

It is their special one on one time.

He has a special song he sings while they look in the mirror.

I think it is their favorite time of day


loves to splash in the tub.

She also loves to suck on her paci. 

She loves to eat her cheerios!


well, he doesn't love waking up from nap time,
but he does cry every day when he wakes up.

He loves to stare at me while he drinks his bottle. 

He loves to chat it up when I'm changing his diaper!