Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coming Soon

Tate and Ellie are at the stage where we are beginning to see rapid development and after the first three months of what seemed like such slow pace, waiting a month for the first smiles, waiting two months for the first laughs and waiting for some head control, it is really fun to begin to see them coming into their own.

Ellie is starting to find it enjoyable to chew on things other than her hands or paci.  She also can stand up with me just holding her hands and sometimes even holds onto my fingers for support.  This has been hard for me to capture :-).

Tate is SO close to being able to roll over from his back to his stomach.  If only that head wasn't so heavy!

They coordinated today.  Ellie says no pictures please.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alone Time

It seems Ellie has quickley learned how to get some alone time.  She blocks out the world and, trust me, when she strikes this pose you do not want to intrude.

Ellie and Tate Today

I had to post two to get one of each smiling. The guaranteed way to get them laughing and smiling during the day is to go through the alphabet and say "A sounds like ah. An A word is Apple" and so on. I am not one of those crazy people that is trying to over educate their children, I just did it one day when they were feeling particularly feisty and wanted nothing but to be spoken to and it worked. They are quite fond of the song also.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleeping Update

So the sleeping through the night thing is going better than I imagined it would at this point. We are putting the babies down every night after a 7:00 feed, giving them a bath and a massage and swaddling. They go down really well around 8:30 and it is the best unison stretch of sleep they have all day or night until 11:00 PM where we give them one last feed. They are "sleeping" until the 7 AM feed. By that, I mean they don't need to eat again. They do however (mostly Tate) wake up numerous times requiring to be settled. Ellie seems to be a morning person, she is so happy and talkative.

Today our second Bumbo arrived and Tate and Ellie had a party to celebrate. They invited some of their stuffed animals.

Ellie started the party while Tate was doing tummy time

but he got jealous.

Could he look any more like his Daddy?