Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To You

I really think the babies had a fantastic day.  Trey and I played on the floor with them all morning.  When they went down for a nap I ran to High Street Kensington to pick up some cupcakes and got home before they woke up.  We scrounged up some lunch and then shot the videos below.  We then got them dressed and swept them off to a big indoor play area where instead of drinking coffee with the adults, we rolled around and played.  Frankly, I think we had a better time than any of the other parents there.  They had bottles on the (stroller) ride home then another nap.  They were pooped.  I made dinner and when they woke up we ate and opened gifts.  They played until bed time and seemed thoroughly pleased.  I am now pooped and am about to retire for the evening.  Can’t wait for my Mom’s upcoming visit, we may just have to have a birthday rerun. 

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